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Stealing encryption keys through the power of touch | Ars Technica http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/08/stealing-encryption-keys-through-the-power-of-touch/ #infosec


Replied to a post on io9.com :

From the people who brought you Game of Bones, Geronimo! X-Rated Dr Who spoof. http://io9.com/geronimo-first-work-safe-look-at-the-new-x-rated-docto-1624675719


You're all so jealous!


Getting there with my IndieWeb site. This is being posted from the site and replies get added as comments...


Can someone do me a favour and reply to this?


Testing POSSE to Flickr

This is a test


Caching of images stored in the DB is now working using Varnish